FOX’s Gotham hasn’t put too much effort into protecting outdoor shoots of late, revealing Mr. Freeze’s final form within hours of the character’s first major trailer, and now it seems DC’s Azrael has arrived early as well. Not only do we have a full glimpse of the character’s impressive costume, but also some massive spoilers of the figure under the hood.

Gotham fans, you’re warned of some pretty extensive spoilers from here on out, but where previously producers had only loosely confirmed that Season 2's “Order of St. Dumas” would lead to an iteration of DC antihero Azrael, new production shots more than light that candle. A first set photo (h/t/ io9) reveals not only an impressively comic-accurate costume:

#TheoGalavan is coming back to #GOTHAM from #IndianHill.. as #AZRAEL.

A photo posted by #DC Extended Universe (@dcextendeduniverse) on

But also the figure’s identity, none other than a resurrected Theo Galavan (James Frain):

First look at Azrael in season 2 of Gotham! #azrael #gotham A photo posted by 🌃GOTHAM🌃 (@bestofgotham) on

For those keeping score, the comic Azrael is indeed typically portrayed as a knight of sorts for The Order of St. Dumas, albeit a mantle worn by multiple characters. Most famously, a figure named Jean-Paul Valley took over as Batman during the infamous “Knightfall” arc with Bruce’s Bane-broken back. As to FOX’s Gotham, Galavan was last murdered by James Gordon and shipped off to the mysterious Indian Hill research lab, the same facility that will bring about another dramatic return in Season 2's latter half.

It stands to reason that Gotham might actively court the publicity of such spoilery costumed figures photographed on set, but will a new age really begin for the Bat-prequel drama in its February 29 return?

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