FOX’s Gotham has officially confirmed that the Bat-prequel will deliver a third season of early origins for the Caped Crusader and his ilk, but Season 2 is far from finished. Joining the ranks of Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze, we now know that muddy Bat-baddie Clayface has been cast.

Per, actor Brian McManamon will take the role of Batman character Basil Karlo, one of many to bear the moniker of Clayface in comic canon. The comic version appeared in 1940 as a disgruntled actor killing off the cast of a movie remaking his greatest hit without him, before gaining actual shape-shifting powers in a 1989 story.

FOX has yet to explicitly confirm that McManamon’s Basil Karlo will end up with the monstrous form of his comic namesake, though given the commitment to realizing Nathan Darrow’s Mr. Freeze, as well as Gotham’s general impatience with Batman villains, it seems exceptionally likely.

In the meantime, Gotham Season 2 will continue this coming Monday.

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