At long last, Gotham might finally get its caped protector. Well, teenage protector in a nice, coat, anyway. A new trailer for Season 3’s April 24 return sees Bruce rising up to start defending the city from its increasingly-costumed foes, and hey – is that Ra’s al Ghul?

A new look at the post-Jerome episodes of Gotham Season 3 has Bruce training under Raymond J. Barry’s mystery character, and taking on thugs in the street. It also looks as if we’ll catch up with Firefly (Michelle Veintimilla) and a Bane-looking Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis), to say nothing of a costumed Riddler, or this robed, scruffy-looking fella:

Gotham Ras al Ghul

Lest we forget, there’s also that evil Bruce clone to watch out for, the Court of Owls (whom Ra’s is apparently behind), and whatever’s up with Jim Gordon, who himself doesn’t even make an appearance in the trailer.

Gotham Season 3 will return on April 24, (by which time we’ll hopefully know if Season 4 is in the cards), so check out the first trailer below, and stay tuned.

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