Many believe that Marvel Studios is making a rather risky move introducing a whole completely different set of characters in their new 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movie. We're ecstatic to see this picture come to life, and the first step of doing so is getting the perfect script together.

In comes screenwriter Chris McCoy, better known for his Black List script work on yet to be produced scripts like 'Get Back' and 'Good Kids.' There's a draft on 'Guardians of the Galaxy' already written out by Nicole Perlman, but there's something about it that Marvel wants to fix. The Hollywood Reporter states that Marvel hired Chris McCoy to do a rewrite on the script, hopefully iron out whatever kinks may be in it and chuck it out into production sooner rather than later.

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movie will center on several Marvel alien characters including Groot, a tree-man, Drax the Destroyer who's hell bent on demolishing Thanos, Gamora, a former assassin turned do-gooder and Rocket Raccoon whose latter half of the name explains what he looks like, but is a little bit deadlier than the critters who run around your garbage cans at night.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' will be chucked out into the second pocket of the Marvel movie stratosphere along with 'Iron Man 3,' 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'Captain America: Winter Soldier.'