And now, that time is near, where we face San Diego’s Comic-Con. Our friends, we’ll say it clear, and reveal to you all the exclusives. There’s no wrong way to enjoy San Diego Comic-Con, but for many, picking up rare artifacts from the world’s foremost geeky manufacturers is an honored tradition. With that in mind, we've taken a long look at what Hasbro’s got to offer its fans from the realms of Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers and beyond to help you in your quest to get what you so desire.

Like many of the premiere exhibitors at San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro uses a ticket system when offering fans an opportunity to wait in line to purchase its show exclusives. Every day of the show, tickets will be given to those waiting in line with a specified time to attend the line. You cannot just walk up to the Hasbro booth and buy items. You will need a ticket. What’s more, if your time is later in the day, you may end up missing out on some items as daily allotments will sell out depending on a given exclusive’s desirability.

You will want to do your diligence in figuring out what day you want to spend waiting overnight in the ticket line, and then waiting in the actual line inside once the show opens. Make sure that what you're doing doesn't overlap with any potential panels you want to see, or any other of your potential ticketed exclusive offerings. Comic-Con is still supposed to be fun, and more often than not, waiting out exclusives is a grind.

Now, with all that said, here are Hasbro’s announced exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con. Beware, this list is subject to see new items added all the way up to and including the first day of Comic-Con.


Star Wars Black Series X-34 Landspeeder with Luke Skywalker ($89.99)

The first of the new Black Series vehicles unveiled at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, the X-34 Landspeeder comes complete with a working hood, and engine parts that move and rotate. Luke Skywalker has also gotten a new sculpt, along with a poncho, hat, and rifle. This is nearly identical to the version coming out in the fall for $59.99, but it has a different deco and special window box packaging to set it apart.


Star Wars Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn Box Set ($49.99)

After making his grand return during season three of Rebels this past year, Thrawn is getting the full box set treatment at SDCC. Included in the set are a number of trophies Thrawn collected over the years, and which he prominently displayed in his quarters. Alongside things like Commander Gree’s helmet and some statuesque Ysalamiri, there’s also a Holy Grail, and some other great Star Wars Easter eggs.


Transformers: The Last Knight Voyager Class Optimus Prime ($49.99)

Not only do you get a fully transformable Optimus, who can switch between robot and truck mode with ease, you also get a nifty display case. Okay, while that may not seal the deal for you, this figure also includes an authentic piece of tire used in the fifth Transformers live-action movie, and a certificate validating that item.


Transformers X Primitive Optimus Prime ($49.99)

If one Optimus Prime figure wasn’t enough for you, it’s a good thing Hasbro is offering two this year. As part of an artistic collaboration with Primitive Skate, this Optimus Prime will come in the brand’s signature black and gold colorway. Additionally, a Titan Master named Shreddicus Maximus will be included, as will a miniature skate ramp and rail. The box is also designed to look like a Primitive shoe box, and will have some grip tape detailing to make it pop.


Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard Pack ($99.99)

Tying into the upcoming release of Thor: Ragnarok, the Marvel Legends brand will offer a five-pack of comic book Thor characters. In this set will be Jane Foster Thor and the Odinson, both of which will receive solo figures in the fall. The other three figures included however are not currently planned for release outside of this exclusive set. Malekith, Bor, and Ulik the Troll can only be found in this exclusive set, with folds nicely into a box complete with some fantastic original art.


Marvel Legends Daredevil 12” Figure ($59.99)

The first of 2017’s new Marvel Legends 12” figures, Daredevil is getting all the trimmings with his exclusive figure. The box features art from Joe Quesada, which will also available as art cards inside. Beyond that, the hero of Hell’s Kitchen comes with multiple hands, heads and batons to pose with, including a battle-damaged Matt Murdock face.


G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters ($49.99)

Finally, the G.I. Joe brand gets some love in the form of a re-imagined Cobra playset originally released in 1982. Like that 35-year-old set, this Missile Command will again be made from cardboard, but it will feature updated detailing and design to bring it into the modern age. A Cobra Officer, a Cobra Trooper, and the devious Cobra Commander all get figures and file cards in this set. You’ll also get a little holder for the cards, which can fit a few more if you need.

San Diego Comic-Con begins on July 19.