Anyone paying attention to HBO over the last year or so will likely remember the controversy surrounding Michael Mann's acclaimed horse-racing drama 'Luck,' which the network cancelled after controversy surrounding a third horse's death associated with production. Both animal rights activists and the creative side have argued quite a bit about differing reports of cruelty to the animals, but now it seems one writer has taken it on himself to skirt the drama by continuing 'Luck' as a blog! Check out 'Luck's surprising revival inside!

Regardless of who bore the responsibility for the three horse deaths that ended 'Luck' partway into filming its second season, series writer John Perrotta hasn't given up on the series just yet. Via The Hollywood Reporter, we've learned Perrotta has begun writing weekly posts to the America's Best Racing website that feature new scenes involving the 'Luck' characters.

Rather than any real attempt at a revival, Perrotta (who himself has a history in the horse-racing and breeding business) hopes the blog posts will bring awareness to the sport and continue the story he feels unjustly ended by HBO. Perrotta certainly wasn't the only 'Luck' crew member outraged by the cancellation, as series star Dustin Hoffman himself recently claimed to Fox News that the events surrounding the series were exaggerated by TMZ and PETA:

It still deeply wounds me. Not for myself, not for the show, but the pain they caused 400 crew people to have. And I don’t think they lost a moment’s sleep. It’s completely distorted. Anyone who raises horses knows they break their legs. The accusations they made were distorted. Every time we’d race the horses, we’d rest them. They’d race 20 seconds, then we’d rest them for an hour.

It remains to be seen how long Perrotta will continue the posts, but what say you? Are you interested to read the continuing story of 'Luck,' now that the HBO series has been definitively cancelled?