HBO's upcoming Damon Lindelof-helmed pilot 'The Leftovers' has wasted little time in rapturing additional cast members, following last week's notable acquisition of Liv Tyler. The latest to join the cast are 'Private Practice' vet Amy Brenneman and 'Fringe' star Emily Meade, but what new roles will they take, and how long before we can expect to see the pilot itself?

Deadline once again revealed the first news of the casting, adding that Brenneman will play Laurie, a woman who leaves her entire life behind to join a mysterious cult, while Meade has taken the role of Amy, an uninhibited high school student who seemingly takes the apocalypse in stride.

Headed by actor/screenwriter Justin Theroux, HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ follows those left behind on Earth after the biblical Rapture — those not chosen to be taken up to Heaven. The people of the small town must begin to rebuild their lives after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of over 100 people. Adapted from Tom Perrotta’s 2009 novel of the same name, the show’s pilot will be directed by Peter Berg. Also among the cast are the aforementioned Liv Tyler, Christopher Eccleston, Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd and Amanda Warren.

HBO has yet to reveal if 'The Leftovers' will be taken to series, but given the impressive scope of the cast, it seems like a good bet. What say you? Are you interested to see what HBO cooks up with 'The Leftovers?