This Sunday's season 3 finale of 'Homeland' will naturally drop a body or two before the hour's end, with most bets on one outspoken and outdated cast member getting the axe, but could 'Homeland' season 4 see a significantly reduced cast in 2014? Find out who's leaving the Showtime drama behind for greener 'Homeland''s!

Via TVLine, we've learned that series regular stars Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor will not return in 'Homeland' season 4, at least under their former titles. Either actress could still potentially put in guest appearances as Jessica and Dana Brody, similar to how Diego Klattenhoff (Mike) and David Marciano (Virgil) briefly reprised their roles in season 3

That should come as some consolation to critics of the Emmy-winning Showtime drama, who outspokenly bemoan the continued focus on the Brody family, despite Brody himself (Damian Lewis) being absent for the majority of the third season, even after writers' repeated attempts to kill him off. Complaints have fallen the hardest on Saylor for Dana Brody's increased presence in the third season, while Baccarin's limited appearances as Jessica Brody owe to the actress' real-life pregnancy.

Of course, downplaying the Brody family in season 4 could well suggest that Nicholas Brody himself finally bites the bullet in season 3 finale "The Star," though two finales to date have already proven us wrong. In any case, acclaimed 'Homeland' writer Meredith Stiehm will return to the writers room in season 4 after departing FX's 'The Bridge,' with Stiehm's influence said to be felt as early as Sunday's finale.

All eyes will be on Showtime this Sunday night, but what say you? Will you lament losing Morena Baccarin or Morgan Saylor as regulars in 'Homeland' season 4? Where would you like to see the future of the series Carrie carry us to?

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