There are very few certainties you can count on in this life. Death and taxes are often at the top of that list, but Baby Groot being cute af might soon usurp one of Benjamin Franklin’s oldest adages. Hot Toys knows you’re going to be unable to resist the sapling's charms, and that's why it's making a life-size version of the ittiest, bittiest Guardian of the Galaxy to add to your toy collection.

Hot Toys has made its name crafting ridiculously detailed action figures based on a wide range of licensed properties, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Predator, Alien, and many, many more. While typically much more of an investment than mass-market figures like those you'd find at Toys ’R Us or Target, Hot Toys’ pieces really do stand out in a collection.

The company already works in 1/6 scale, which means figures are typically about 12” tall to start with, and larger and smaller characters follow that ratio. Though that usually means characters like Baby Groot would only be about one-inch tall compared to the likes of Star-Lord, Hot Toys is taking advantage of Baby Groot’s height in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to give us a true-to-life version of the trisyllabic hero.

Baby Groot will come with three different heads to display his different moods, including a smiling portrait, an attentive portrait and a “concentrating very hard” portrait. Sadly there's not an angry shouting face in the package, but three heads are still better than one. He’ll also have a Ravagers coat to wear if you want, but you probably won’t want to display him with that lest you miss out on all that incredible detail in the bark/skin throughout his articulated body.

The prototype images show he’ll be much more articulated than the previous Groot from the first film, which was very detailed but lacked a lot of mobility for display purposes. The additional branch hands included will also have bendable wires within to allow you even more options when placing Baby Groot on your shelves, or if you’re like me, in your backpack while you travel.

The Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 Baby Groot figure will be available for pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles. The figure will cost $189.99 and is expected to arrive in Q2 2018.

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