Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ seemed for a time that it might fold after two seasons, but Vice President Underwood has officially risen to the challenge. The political drama has released its first season 3 teaser, setting a February premiere date for Frank and Claire’s presidential ascent, both literally, and figuratively.

However brief, our first look at ‘House of Cards’ season 3 sees Frank and Claire Underwood basking in the spoils of their newly-minted presidency, ascending the steps to Air Force One. Frank’s fourth-wall breaking smirk proves visible even at a distance, while the teaser sets a February 27 premiere date for all 13 episodes of the third (and potentially final) season.

So far, we know of ‘House of Cards’ third term in office that ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Kim Dickens will appear among the cast in an unspecified role, along with ‘Law & Order: SVU‘s Jenna Sterns as a United Nations ambassador. Russian band Pussy Riot has been said to make an appearance in the new season, while Tony Gilroy has joined on the creative side, and actress Elizabeth Norment (Frank’s secretary Nancy) tragically succumbed to cancer during production.

You can preview ‘House of Cards’' season 3 return with the new teaser above, and tell us what you want to see when Frank Underwood takes the presidency on February 27, 2015!

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