News of Netflix’s Defenders has kept the streaming service busy of late, but like any shady politician, House of Cards’ Frank Underwood recruits his villains in secret. The political drama has quietly cast Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Gotham baddie Colm Feore for a key season 4 role, but is he friend or foe?

State secrets and all, Netflix is keeping Feore’s House of Cards role largely under wraps, though Deadline reports we’ll meet the former Thor baddie and Borgias star as “a high-profile new character” in season 4. Speculation on our part, but the series was said to be casting a high-profile British couple to rival Francis and Claire, the female half of was previously rumored to be Neve Campbell.

Few House of Cards Season 4 details have leaked thus far, though in addition to series leads Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, we might expect the returns of 2015 additions Paul Sparks, Fear The Walking Dead star Kim Dickens and Sherlock baddie Lars Mikkelsen. Also unclear is if the brief production delay on House of Cards Season 3 could push Season 4's premiere back any father than first quarter 2016.

It could be some time yet before we learn what political machinations House of Cards Season 4 will set in motion, but who else might join President Frank Underwood in 2016?

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