The Golden Globes could probably do with a bit of thinning out, and who better than the most murderous of Hollywood elite? Yes, Kevin Spacey Frank Underwood reminds you of his many misdeeds in a bid for the presidency from the latest House of Cards Season 4 promo.

Following the earlier campaign spot, Netflix doubles down on Frank Underwood’s bid for the presidency in House of Cards Season 4, as the man himself does what he does best: intimidate the hell out of the camera. Sure, Frank purports himself as the leader America deserves, while quick cuts remind us of the many fallen foes in Frank’s path who might have said otherwise.

In addition to House of Cards Season 4 premiere date on March 4, we know that Thor baddie Colm Feore will appear as “a high-profile new character” in season 4, which may or may not be one half of a high-profile British couple to rival Francis and Claire. Also on board for the next year of Frank Underwood’s placeholder presidency is Neve Campbell in an equally mysterious role.

Few House of Cards Season 4 details have leaked thus far, though in addition to series leads Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, we might expect the returns of 2015 additions Paul Sparks, Fear The Walking Dead star Kim Dickens and Sherlock baddie Lars Mikkelsen.

While we wait, check out the House of Cards teaser below, and stay tuned for more on the premiere.

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