Earlier this week, Coca-Cola and Marvel teased a team-up during the Super Bowl by sending out mini-cans of Coke branded with different members of the Avengers. Both sides promised not to reveal the contents of the commercial until it aired during the Super Bowl. Now that it’s aired we know that the biggest and littlest Avengers — Hulk and Ant-Man — are doing battle over the last can of Coke.

The commercial starts inside Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab where a shrunken Ant-Man runs off with the last Coke from the office fridge. Banner is not happy and and goes busting out of the building in Hulk form, chasing after Ant-Man throughout the streets trying to get his soda back. When he finally catches up to him, Hulk has such giant hands, he can’t open the can and his Avengers counterpart has to help out. The commercial was advertising Coke’s new mini-cans, for people who don’t want to drink a full 12 ounces.

While neither Mark Ruffalo nor Paul Rudd appear in the ad (Banner is only seen in shadows behind a door), it does sound like Rudd at least provided the voiceover for his character.

Unfortunately, this will be all we get from Ant-Man and Hulk for a few years. Hulk is sitting out Captain America: Civil War, instead teaming up with Thor for Thor: Ragnarok.

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