Hulu cult drama The Path may not have drawn too big a following since its March premiere, but the Meyerism movement isn’t going anywhere just yet. The network has officially booked the Aaron Paul-Hugh Dancy-Michelle Monaghan religious drama for another rung of the Ladder, debuting Season 2 in 2017.

For those unaware Paul takes the role of Eddie Lane, convert to the controversial “Meyerism” movement, while Dancy plays Cal Roberts, charismatic face of “The Path.” Roberts is also entangled in a complicated relationship with Eddie and his wife, Sarah (Monaghan), battling personal demons and bold ambition as he strives to take the organization into its next generation.

The series also features Kyle Allen as Monaghan and Paul’s son Hawk Lane, along with Amy Forsyth as his classmate Ashley Fields. Sarah Jones also plays “Meyerism” defector Alison Kemp, in addition to Shameless alum Emma Greenwell as rescued addict and Sons of Anarchy star Rockmund Dunbar as Detective Abe Gaines.

The Path was created by writer-executive producer Jessica Goldberg, with Parenthood alum Katims and Michelle Lee also producing.

You can check out Hulu’s trailers for The Path below, in addition to the photos, and stay tuned for more on the first and second season.

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