Marvel has released precious few details of its upcoming Inhumans TV series, beyond IMAX plans for the 2017 premiere. Now, a new report clarifies just how much of the series will use IMAX technology, and why some of the early hours will require a grander scale.

Where previously Marvel’s The Inhumans announcement suggested that the series would be shot entirely with IMAX cameras, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that only the first two hours will be shot in the format, owing to their placement in IMAX theaters for September 2017. That said, additional action scenes will also be shot in IMAX, “some of which will be set on the moon.”

Presumably, that last bit is intended to reference the Inhuman city of Attilan, which has moved around somewhat in Marvel comic history, and is currently placed in the breathable “Blue Area” of Earth’s moon. Fans of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may also recognize the name, as Season 2 played around with introducing both an underground Kree City, as well as the Inhuman refuge “Afterlife.”

For the moment, few other details of The Inhumans are known, other than a September IMAX release and subsequent move of the remaining six episodes to ABC. No casting has yet taken place (certainly not for Vin Diesel), nor has Marvel clarified what, if any relationship The Inhumans will have to other MCU TV series, or the still-possible Inhumans film.

In the meantime, what other Marvel-ous details should we expect when The Inhumans hits theaters in 2017?

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