It looks like Joe Carnahan's take on 'Daredevil' will be one of those great "What If"  projects that fans will speculate about for a long time, like David Lynch directing 'Return of the Jedi' or Ridley Scott helming 'Dune.' Carnahan said on Twitter he would unleash his demo reels if his followers were interested, and now we have them.

There's no actual footage involved -- this was meant to give a tone to his take and the clips incorporate footage from a number of high profile films including (but not limited to) 'Taxi Driver,' 'The Warriors,' 'The Untouchables,' and 'Mean Streets.' It also uses footage from Fox's own 'Daredevil' movie, and from the comic books themselves. The soundtrack is also made up of some trailer soundtrack favorites, like the music from 'Django Unchained's trailer. Carnahan and his team cut two versions: one cut for PG-13, and and a more violent NC-17 version.

Whether Carnahan's movie would be any good is hard to discern from this footage, though the use of period is exciting. It seems like if this were to have gone forward it would have cannibalized Carnahan's 'Death Wish' remake script, or at least would have made making that film redundant. Here's the PG-13 cut:

And here's the NC-17 version: