If you grabbed some random schmoe off the street and demanded they name a composer of film scores, they’d probably cite John Williams if they could come up with any answer at all. (Unless you ended up with some smart-aleck who busted out Alexandre Desplat or Mica Levi or something.) Williams is responsible for pretty much every movie theme hummed by general populace over the last four decades: As you read these words, I know you’ll hear the triumphant fanfare of the Star Wars score, or the ominous duh-dum of the Jaws theme. And today, Hans Zimmer can go right ahead and eat his heart out, because Williams’ most famed compositions will soon be immortalized in one essential compilation.

Last night, The Hollywood Reporter ran the exclusive that Williams’ work with constant collaborator Steven Spielberg will get a 3-disc Ultimate Collection gathering everything from the bounding Indiana Jones theme to the elegiac War Horse soundtrack. Due for release on March 17 through Sony Classical, John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection will include some new recordings of Williams’ compositions as performed by the Recording Arts Orchestra of Los Angeles. (The new version of “Marion’s Theme” from Indiana Jones has been embedded below.)

This new collection will expand on previous releases such as 1991’s The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration and 1995’s Williams on Williams: The Classic Spielberg Scores. Those who have been (Indiana) jonesing to hear the Tintin score in crystal-clear fidelity outside of the film have cause to celebrate.

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