For as increasingly close as we come to 'Justified' season 4's January 8 start date, we've yet to see very much in the way of footage.  Sure, we got that bad-ass initial tease of Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) putting down his latest criminal, but what of our beloved Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins)?  Will Boyd continue to reclaim his criminal empire when the new season starts, or will Raylan once again stand in his way?  Check out the latest teaser for a clue!

For as many excellently written villains as 'Justified' has come to showcase, the core opposition will always remain between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder.  And while we'll have to wait until Tuesday, January 8 to see how that dynamic plays out, the latest 'Justified' season 4 promo offers us a glimpse into their upcoming meeting!

The teaser shows Raylan meeting Boyd out in the dead of night, apparently in some kind of densely populated wood, but what could they be meeting to discuss?  One of the new villains to Harlan County?  What about Boyd's new friend?

The fourth season of ‘Justified’ will feature Ron Eldard as a military police sergeant with ties to Boyd Crowder, as well as comedian Patton Oswalt as a constable and old friend of Raylan Givens. Yet to be cast are the roles of a fugitive family man who teams up with a pair of drug addicts, and a charismatic young preacher who starts cutting into Boyd’s profits.  David Meunier will reprise his role as Johnny Crowder for 10 episodes, and Natalie Zea will be back as Winona for at least three.

Check out the latest teaser below, and give us your 'Justified' season 4 predictions in the comments!