John Oliver’s HBO Last Week Tonight has been on a brief hiatus since we said goodbye to Game of Thrones, and while the intervening weeks have surely wrought plenty to discuss upon his return, there’s time to take stock meanwhile. Cue a new web-only exclusive for Last Week Tonight, as the comedian delves into “fan mail” to read some of the nicer (and nastier) comments about the series.

HBO released a new online Last Week Tonight segment ahead of the July 24 return, examining the breadth of fan mail the series receives, at least in the form of YouTube comments. Surprising for YouTube, some comments could even be interpreted as faint praise, even if the vast majority take aim at the former Daily Show correspondent’s eyebrows, or his “live-action Beaker” looks.

Other bits include a timely Pokemon reference, as well a needed respite to HBO forgiving $15 million in medical debt recently, in that Oliver finds himself a zillionaire over a friendly wager.

In any case, Last Week Tonight With Jon Oliver will return on July 24, so feel free to say something nice (or horrifically acerbic) in his comments.