The triumvirate of Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow will have its most comic run yet next week, not least of which will see Stephen Amell joining the Legends as an elder, goateed and one-armed Oliver Queen of “Star City 2046.” See the burnt-out future for yourself in the first photos, along with a new mystery man!

Ahead of tonight’s “Fail-Safe,” Stephen Amell debuted the first Legends of Tomorrow image of next Thursday’s “Star City 2046,” which sees an older, not-yet one-armed (unless it’s a prosthetic) Oliver facing down a mystery opponent who looks suspiciously like Deathstroke. Note Oliver’s admittedly bushy goatee as well, the same one Amell swore he’d never wear:

Amell also shared a second photo over Facebook, again potentially pointing to Slade Wilson, or at least someone in the armor:

And why not, Connor Hawke as well!

So reads the full synopsis for February 25 outing “Star City 2046”:


When a malfunction sends the Waverider crashing into 2046 Star City, our heroes face a startling version of their own future where they never stop Savage (guest star Casper Crump) and never return home. The city is in ruins and overrun by criminals, which thrills Rory (Dominic Purcell). Sara (Caity Lotz) is despondent over the destruction of her home and stunned when she learns what happened to her old friend, Oliver Queen (guest star Stephen Amell).

We’ve still a week away from heading to 2046, but could the Arrow-verse Days of Future Past prove the strongest outing yet? Check out the latest Legends of Tomorrow trailer below.

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