The Flash’s first trip to Earth-2 promised easter eggs galore, and DC delivered an entire multiverse’s worth! Not only did CBS’ Supergirl make her first official crossover of sorts, but tonight’s trippy Flash also teased our first look at LegendsJonah Hex and Connor Hawke, another familiar Flash, and near of the entire damn Justice League!

You’re warned of full spoilers for Tuesday’s “Welcome to Earth-2” from here on out, but suffice to say, The Flash wasted precious little time having fun with the “multiverse” of DC lore, treating us to another easter egg-filled vortex to rival Season 1 finale “Fast Enough.” as Barry took Cisco and Harry through the breach, we caught a (recycled) look at Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl, along with John Wesley Shipp’s old CBS Flash, and what appeared to be both Legends of Tomorrow’s Jonah Hex and Connor Hawke:

Not just that, it seems our Legion of Superheroes shout-out has also been revealed:

But why stop there? The trip to Earth-2 also brought with it plenty of minor easter eggs, including some Flash returns like Demore Barnes’ Earth-2 Tokamak, Michael Rowe’s hilariously poor-shooting Deadshot (so much for being off the table), and of course, the suggestion of a “Mayor Snart” on those bizarre portrait TVs.

Perhaps most excitingly (if inexplicable) of all, it seems the non-Flashy Earth-2 Barry keeps some curious contacts on his home speed-dial:

The “Eddie” presumably belongs to Eddie Thawne, while the bottom three mark unmistakable references to Bruce Wayne (Batman), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), while the call with Barry’s mother also referenced a trip to Atlantis, Aquaman’s home. Of course, what Earth-2 Barry is doing with any of the Justice League’s phone numbers is anyone’s guess, but hey! Still fun.

There’s plenty more to discuss as The Flash returns to “Escape from Earth-2” next week, but what other major references did you catch? Was Supergirl’s appearance a confirmation that our Barry will end up traveling to that Earth? Stay tuned!

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