It's a little strange to consider that the only reason most of us are paying attention to Lifetime's upcoming original movie 'Liz & Dick' is to see Lindsay Lohan's supposed "comeback" role, after years spent as a media disaster.  Assuming any of us even watch the film, prompt shrugs and universal utterances of "Eh, alright then" are sure to follow.  So, who's ready for a first look?

We've already caught a few spy glimpses of notoriously-troubled actress Lindsay Lohan in the iconic title role of 'Liz & Dick's Elizabeth Taylor, but now it's time for the real thing.  Lifetime has released the first official photograph of Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler ('True Blood') in the roles of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton from their forthcoming film 'Liz & Dick,' and the resemblance is impressive.

The film has begun shooting, thought won't air on Lifetime until sometime later this year.  Of course, all eyes are still on Lindsay Lohan to see if the troubled actress can make it through filming without any kind of incident, as even her recent turn on 'Glee' was said to have been a “nightmare” for all involved with shooting.

What say you?  Do you still think Lindsay's up to the task of playing the iconic Elizabeth Taylor?  Check out the below photo (which you can click to enlarge) and tell us if you're interested in the film in the comments beneath!

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Liz and Dick