Louis C.K. knew the risks of self-distributing his Horace and Pete TV series, incurring at least some debt before the star-studded dramedy would turn a profit. And while the series may not have taken in the kind of award recognition many hoped, Horace and Pete is finally streaming in a traditional model on Hulu.

Per UPROXX, all 10 episodes of the Louis C.K.-written, directed and starring series are available on Hulu, minus any of the disparate pricing that came with the original distribution on the comedian’s website. C.K. previously confirmed that the $4.5 million investment has since been returned by those paying for the specials online.

The series follows the patrons and employees of an Irish bar, Horace and Pete’s, with C.K. writing, directing and starring. Alan Alda plays bartender Pete to C.K.’s Horace, joined by Steve Buscemi as another Pete. Also among the cast were Jessica Lange, Edie Falco, Aidy Bryant and more, while C.K. has also talked about the possibility of Season 2.

You can check out Horace and Pete for yourself on Hulu, but will increased availability mean anything for the comedian’s passion project?

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