The Netflix comedy machine keeps cranking out the major names. Just weeks after Dave Chappelle debuted two new streaming specials, Louis C.K. is already gearing up for his own with a Louie-esque first trailer for the April premiere.

Entertainment Weekly released the first official trailer for Louis C.K. 2017, ahead of its April 4 premiere date. You won’t hear any actual jokes from the Louie and Horace & Pete creator’s Washington D.C. set, but rather watch a fairly humdrum trip from the car, to a suit, to the stage. Hey, everybody’s gotta get somewhere.

Said Netflix of the two-special package:

Louis has been one of the most innovative comedy voices in this new era of stand up. He has also been a thought leader in the business of comedy. We have marveled at his creativity and his ability to invent comedically and commercially, and are thrilled that he is bringing his newest specials to Netflix.

We don’t know when to expect the second special, but C.K. also has an animated Albert Brooks cop comedy in the works at TBS, to say nothing of whether Louie might ever return. Stay tuned for news of the next special while we wait.

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