Marvel has expressed interest in working with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Rock has expressed interest in playing Luke Cage for Marvel. Seemingly, there's nothing preventing this match made in superhero heaven from happening...except perhaps the fans. Would you want to see The Rock tackle Luke Cage?

A few days ago, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige put it out there that Marvel is intrigued by the prospect of crafting a superhero film around The Rock. While Feige did not state plainly which character he'd want The Rock to inhabit, The Rock himself has made it clear that he's got eyes on Luke Cage, saying a year ago: "I would love to play Luke Cage. Love that superhero. I'd crush it."

Marvel shouldn't underestimate fan power, which has resurrected and kickstarted many a project in the past -- just look at any of Kickstarter's success stories. So would The Rock as Luke Cage work for you? Vote in our poll and comment below!