Marvel has yet to officially confirm recent reports that Game of Thrones star Finn Jones has landed the title role of Netflix’s Iron Fist, but there may yet be a reason behind the announcement’s timing. According to a new report, Jones’ Daniel Rand will make a first appearance in the upcoming Luke Cage series, our first taste of Marvel’s “Heroes for Hire.”

Take this with a grain of salt for now, as similar past reports that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock would appear toward the end of Jessica Jones proved false, but a recent Collider Heroes showing had Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez claiming that Finn Jones’ Iron Fist character would show up in the Luke Cage finale (around 19:50):

Yes he is. Episode 13. That’s why it was announced, or else it would have leaked … They shot him last week.

Granted, it would make sense for Luke Cage to establish Iron Fist ahead of the character’s own series, given the comic history between the pair, though Marvel has yet to make explicitly clear when either series will debut. Scott Buck will showrun Iron Fist, while recent reports suggested Jessica Jones writer Scott Reynolds will also have a hand on the creative side.

Iron Fist will likely move forward on production in the coming weeks and months, but will we meet the character as early as Luke Cage?