There are going to be a lot of new goodies shown off this week during San Diego Comic-Con, but few companies have us eagerly awaiting the first peeks at new products like we are with Mezco Toyz. I've been extolling the virtues of the One:12 Collective for a few years now, and Mezco continually outdoes itself with each subsequent release. With its teasers of new One:12 Collective Thor: Ragnarok figures, and more, debuting tonight at Comic-Con, that is definitely still the case.

The One:12 Collective has been giving collectors some terrific high-end 6” action figures since its inception. Mezco’s licensing deals have seen characters from Star Trek mingling with Universal Monsters, and Marvel and DC heroes getting new and unique designs. While the Marvel and DC figures had previously been focused on new interpretations of comic incarnations, the release of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad saw Mezco turn its eye towards the more cinematic versions. Marvel hasn’t seen any of those just yet, but it will soon when Thor and Hulk get Ragnarok figures.

The sculpts on these things are just outrageous, and even though we can’t see them in person just yet, the promotional images are reason enough to be excited. Thor looks to have one of the best Chris Hemsworth likenesses we’ve seen from any company so far, and that Gladiator Hulk is just a spectacular work of art. All the detailing for the armor looks incredible, and giving both alternate head sculpts offers plenty of posing options for display. I don’t care how much more expensive that Hulk is than a traditional One:12 Collective figure. It will be mine. Oh, yes.

Marvel isn’t the only side of Mezco’s business that’s getting some love at SDCC this year though, as there are some DC Comics characters in the works. Batman Beyond joins the One:12 Collective with one of the best soft goods takes on his costume we’ve seen to date. Additionally, Catwoman finally gets in on the action as well, with a Darwyn Cooke-inspired take on her signature look. You’ll also see new Mez-its for Justice League are also planned, with the miniature vinyl figures still playing a role in Mezco’s overall catalog.

All of these products and more, like the A Clockwork Orange Alex figure, will be on display at Mezco's booth at San Diego Comic-Con through this weekend. No doubt there are still a few surprises left, and we can't wait to see what else the company has up its sleeves.

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