Unlike some series, FOX’s The Mindy Project scarcely faced any danger after its initial cancellation, quickly landing on Hulu with a 26-episode order. FOX may yet live to regret their decision however, as the revered Joseph Gordon-Levitt will kick off The Mindy Project’s Hulu tenure with a guest appearance in the Season 4 premiere.

Per BuzzFeed, Gordon-Levitt will grace us us lowly TV folk with his movie-star presence whenever Hulu opts to debut the first installment of The Mindy Project Season 4. Guesting in a Sliding Doors-style premiere, the Snowden star will play Mindy’s alternate reality husband Matt, a “suave reality show producer for Bravo - aka the ideal profession for Mindy’s man.”

The guest appearance also follows Mindy Kaling and series star Chris Messina guesting in Gordon-Levitt’s own pet Pivot project, Hit Record. Mindy, meanwhile, adds the actor to a list of A-list men making appearances on the series, including the likes of James Franco, Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert, among others.

We don’t yet know when Hulu will premiere the first of The Mindy Project’s 26 new episodes (you can see below production has at least begun), but will Joseph Gordon-Levitt be enough to sell the series on a narrower streaming platform?