Netflix’s Narcos is going to look very different by the time Season 3 premieres in 2017; not solely for the absence of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel, but also a number of fresh faces. Latest to join the Colombian drug war is that of Halt & Catch Fire star Kerry Bishé, and a Broad City fan-favorite.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Bishé will follow Halt & Catch Fire’s final season with the Narcos series regular role of Christina, described as “an American woman whose Colombian husband is involved in the cartel and who turns to the U.S. Embassy for help to get away from him.” Additionally, Broad City star Arturo Castro will play Miguel’s son David Rodriguez, who initially hesitates to take a leading role in the cartel after his Uncle and Father are arrested.

Elsewhere of Narcos Season 3, we know Pedro Pascal will return as Javier Pena, though Boyd Holbrook has yet to confirm any continued involvement as Steve Murphy. Cloverfield star Michael Stahl-David will play the role of Chris Feistl, a young American DEA agent who sought out assignment to Colombia, along with New Zealand actor Matt Whelan as  Daniel Van Ness, his partner.

Netflix will likely come forth with more info soon, but what do we make of the next batch of Narcos recruits?