Netflix’s Narcos made clear shortly after Season 2 that the story would continue for at least two more years, but less certain was the historical tenure of its leading roles. We know Pedro Pascal will return, but for the moment Season 3 has confirmed a Cloverfield star and more in its new cast.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, both Michael Stahl-David and New Zealand actor Matt Whelan have joined the Narcos Season 3 cast as series regulars, the former in the role of “Chris Feistl, a young American DEA agent who sought out assignment to Colombia as the drug trade shifts to the Cali Cartel’s takeover in the wake of Pablo Escobar’s death.” Whelan will take the role of Daniel Van Ness, his partner.

That said, even as the first official production photo confirmed that Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal would return to the role of DEA agent Javier Pena (the historical version wasn’t involved in bringing down the Cali Cartel), still uncertain is the return of Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy. Holbrook was seen bolstering his movie career in this week’s Logan trailer, among other upcoming projects.

Neither real-life agent Steve Murphy or Pena stayed with the Colombian drug trade much longer than Escobar’s death, while the real Javier Pena explained to THR the difference between Medellin and the Cali Cartel:

The Medellin Cartel was the Wild Wild West and Cali was businesslike. They were accountants, professional money-launderers. They were more sophisticated and very different cartels. Cali moved a lot of dope and sent more to the U.S.

Netflix will likely come forth with more info soon, but what do we make of the new Narcos recruits?

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