We knew that Netflix’s Narcos would eventually say goodbye to Pablo Escobar, we just didn’t know it would be so soon! The drug-trafficking drama has already moved on, starting production on Season 3 with the first official photo.

Netflix released a first look at Narcos Season 3 long before any possible 2017 premiere date, noting that production has officially begun. In it, we see Pedro Pascal’s DEA Agent Javier Pena preparing to address a crowd, presumably either to report on Escobar’s death, or brief on their new enemies, the Cali Cartel.

For the moment, it isn’t entirely clear if Boyd Holbrook will return to the series as well, as neither real-life agent Steve Murphy or Pena stayed with the Colombian drug trade much longer than Escobar’s death. In fact, the real Javier Pena even explained to THR the difference between Medellin and the Cali Cartel:

The Medellin Cartel was the Wild Wild West and Cali was businesslike. They were accountants, professional money-launderers. They were more sophisticated and very different cartels. Cali moved a lot of dope and sent more to the U.S.

Netflix will likely come forth with more info soon, but what do we make of the first look at Season 3? Will Murphy return to stand beside his partner, history be damned?

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