Adapting Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events as TV affords Netflix the chance to plan out a much more thorough adaptation of Daniel Handler’s books, but don’t expect an exact translation. In fact, Handler himself has already begun work on which books to adapt in a second season, and how the central mystery changes when adapted for screen.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Handler acknowledged that work had already begun on Season 2, ten episodes of which will adapt the fifth novel (The Austere Academy) through the ninth (The Carnivorous Carnival). Netflix has not yet issued a formal greenlight for Season 3, which would adapt the remaining books:

I am deep in season 2. I’ve been working in my own dining room with a team of writers I’m really loving on the next season, and we hope to get the go-ahead to do season 3, which… given how quickly young actors age and change, we’re trying to film everything as quickly as possible. The second season is laid out to be 10 episodes for the next five books, so it ends on The Carnivorous Carnival, and the third season would be the rest of it.

Handler also laid out that live-action adaptations naturally use different devices to lay out its many clues and mysteries, claiming of the core story “I would say that the destination is the same, but the route is different.”

We’ll see for ourselves on Friday the 13th (when else), as Netflix brings the first season of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events to life. Watch the latest trailers below, and stay tuned.

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