Not all of Netflix’s original series have become cultural breakouts (we’re looking at you, Hemlock Grove and Marco Polo), but the streaming service’s original … well, original may have finally been whacked. After three seasons, Netflix has confirmed that Sopranos alum Steve Van Zandt’s Lilyhammer has officially frozen over, and won’t return for a fourth season.

Billed as Netflix’s first original series and premiering in early 2012, Lilyhammer featured Van Zandt as a mobster relocating to Lillehammer, Norway in fear of his life, only to pick up new mob business in the snowfallen setting. The third season premiered in late 2014, though Van Zandt earlier this week tweeted it would be the last:

Whether or not Lilyhammer‘s 24 episodes afforded enough time to measure production costs (which themselves were financed in part with Norweigian studios NRK), it’s certainly notable that the progenitor of Netflix original series has officially bowed out. Did Lilyhammer deserve a fourth season, or had Frank “The Fixer” finally run his course?