April Fools’ falls on a Saturday this year, which means companies in on the gag are trotting out their pranks a bit early. And speaking of “trotting,” why not enjoy BoJack Horseman himself, Will Arnett, as he provides running commentary on a copy room for Netflix’s new hit show, Netflix Live?

The hour-long “preview” is available on Netflix’s website, and features Arnett in a studio providing observations and commentary on the various rooms of an office. There’s the high drama of a copy room, the rapid-fire developments of a toaster, and let’s not forget spirited rounds of thumb-wrestling and puzzle assembly.

Here’s how Netflix describes its newest offering:

Toasters toasting. Grass growing. Fans blowing. With Netflix Live, you can experience life’s greatest thrills, right from the comfort of your couch.

Netflix Live will supposedly premiere on April 1 (probably should have been the first clue), but you can watch the full preview on Netflix’s website, and let Will Arnett make a fool of you.

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