It didn’t take for the hype of Jon Bernthal’s Punisher to generate talk of his own Daredevil spinoff, though Marvel and Netflix were quick to keep expectations down, even as Season 2 clearly set the character up for his own adventure. Now, Frank Castle’s war journal is officially open, as Marvel confirms a spinoff, showrunner and all.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Marvel has ordered a Punisher spinoff with Bernthal reprising his role as vigilante anti-hero Frank Castle, as showrun by Hannibal alum Stephen Lightfoot, who also writes the first two episodes. It remains unclear if Bernthal’s Punisher will join the Defenders miniseries teamup, or when the spinoff series would fall, schedule-wise, though some reports suggest it would shoot concurrently with Defenders.

Official announcements are more forthcoming, but a teaser has arisen as well.

The report seemingly implies Frank Castle’s war would continue in Hell’s Kitchen, though Daredevil Season 2 seemed to set the character ready to strike out on his own, and potentially pursue a “Micro” CD with clues to his past. In the meantime, Marvel’s Luke Cage will premiere on September 30, while Iron Fist remains in production, with Defenders gearing up after that. Marvel has also confirmed Jessica Jones season 2 for an unknown future date.

More details will arise, but was Jon Bernthal’s Punisher deserving of a spinoff? Where will his story fall in The Defenders?

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