Earlier this week, in our column detailing the titles expiring on Netflix Instant in January, many of you were probably disappointed to discover that most of your favorite BBC shows (and some you maybe didn’t know about) were leaving the streaming service at the end of this month. But you can all rest easy now, as Netflix has revealed that their deal with the BBC will remain firmly in place, and shows like ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Luther’ aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As Variety reports, Netflix has confirmed that reports of the BBC titles leaving Netflix at the end of January are false. The streaming service has renewed its deal with the BBC, meaning that you can continue to binge-watch ‘Doctor Who’ until the end of timey-wimey. Or maybe you can finally watch that ‘Luther’ series everyone’s been telling you to check out for a while (featuring Idris Elba, the potential future James Bond).

While we’re happy to make you aware of the titles expiring on Netflix each month, you should also keep in mind that the service will likely renew many of those streaming deals, meaning that you won’t have to go very long (if at all) without seeing them in your queue. (Or you won’t have to wait long to continue to procrastinate about finally watching them.)

Here’s the list of titles we previously reported were expiring at the end of January:

‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ (1987—1995)

‘All Creatures Great and Small’ (1978—1990)

‘Black Adder’ (1978—1990)

‘Canterbury’s Law’ (2008)

‘Copper’ (2012—2013)

‘Coupling’ (2000—2004)

‘Doctor Who’ (1964—2012)

‘Fawlty Towers’ (1975—1979)

‘House of Cards’ (1990—1995)

‘Hyperdrive’ (2006—2007)

‘Little Britain’ (2003—2004)

‘Luther’ (2010—2013)

‘MI-5’ (2002—2011)

‘Michael Palin Travelogues’ 

‘North and South’ (2004)

‘Primeval’ (2007—2011)

‘Red Dwarf’ (1988—2009)

‘Survivors’ (2008—2010)

‘Torchwood’ (2006—2011)

‘Top Gear’ (2003—2013)

‘Walking With…’ (1999—2005)

‘Wallander’ (2008—2012)

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