It’s been an uncertain road getting there, but Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix Trollhunters is finally here. Straight from New York Comic-Con, check out the first official trailer for the December premiere, along with a brand-new poster.

Not only did Netflix release the first official trailer for the late Anton Yelchin-led series, we also know that all episodes will drop on December 23. Check out the first poster below:

Netflix Trollhunters Poster

Yelchin completed the majority of his voiceover work prior to passing in June, while del Toro said of his performance “That simple goodness and beautiful soul came through every time [Yelchin read] … We went through great pains to ensure that his voice is preserved for the series.” The series also got a more detailed synopsis, along with a rounded out voice-cast that includes Ron Perlman, Jonathan Hyde, Lexi Madrano, Amy Landecker, Fred Tatasciore, and Steven Yeun:

The show follows 15-year-old Jim (Anton Yelchin), who is transformed into the Trollhunter, defender of the good trolls, after stumbling upon a magical amulet. While fighting alongside his best friend Toby (Charlie Saxton) and the wise four-armed troll Blinky (Kelsey Grammer), he also must juggle play rehearsal and homework.

The property itself was first optioned back in 2010 for a 3D animated feature film, but the resulting stall saw del Toro release Trollhunters as an illustrated novel with Daniel Kraus.

We’ll have more as we move toward the December 2016 premiere, but what do we make of Trollhunters?

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