We’re still mostly in shock from the freak accident that claimed Star Trek star Anton Yelchin’s life, but the question inevitably turns to the actor’s uncompleted works. Yelchin had several TV projects in the works as well, including a lead voice in Guillermo del Toro’s animated Netflix Trollhunters, of which sources say most work had been completed, but may end up recast.

According to Deadline, Trollhunters had already gotten deep into production, with Yelchin having completed “a great majority of the episodes.” The late star and del Toro had worked together for the better part of a year, judging by the latter’s tweet:

For the moment at least, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have yet to make clear their plans for Trollhunters, whether to cast a new actor for the remaining episodes, or re-record entirely. Both companies issued a joint statement, saying “Our hearts are heavy with this tragic news and Anton’s family and friends are in our thoughts.”

Yelchin was to lead the cast as “Jim,” an ordinary teenage boy whose discovery of a mystical amulet sets his life on a course filled with high-stakes adventure, while Kelsey Grammer plays “Blinky,” a kind-hearted troll who befriends Jim. Additionally, Hellboy favorite Ron Perlman provides the voice of “Bular,” a sinister troll who targets Jim and his friends for battle.

So reads the full synopsis:

Trollhunters features a tale of two fantastical worlds set to collide in an epic saga. Set in the fictional suburb of Arcadia, our unlikely hero, Jim, and his two best friends make a startling discovery that beneath their hometown lies a hidden battle between good trolls and bad, the outcome of which will impact their lives forever.

The property itself was first optioned back in 2010 for a 3D animated feature film, but the resulting stall saw del Toro release Trollhunters as an illustrated novel with Daniel Kraus.

We’ll have more as we move toward the December 2016 premiere, but should Trollhunters use what it can of Yelchin’s work?

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