Fan appreciation for season 2 of Netflix's Emmy-nominated 'Orange is the New Black' became somewhat divided, though most were particularly disappointed to see '90s icon Lori Petty only appearing in a solitary episode of the season. Now, the 'League of Their Own' actress may have a larger presence in season 3, with at least one return episode officially confirmed.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Petty will reprise the role of transferred inmate "Lolly" in season 3 for an unknown stretch of episodes. For those up to speed on the second season, Petty had previously only appeared in season 2 premiere "Thirsty Bird" as an inmate being transferred alongside Piper (Taylor Schilling), before the friendship was quickly thwarted. At least for now, Netflix won't say what brings the character back into the fold, or for how long.

Elsewhere of season 3, we know that 'Justified' star Mary Steenburgen will appear as Menzez's mother to fill in for actor Pablo Schreiber's absence, alongside fellow season 3 additions Mike Birbiglia and 'Fringe' star Blair Brown. Yael Stone (Morello) has become the latest in an increasing number of castmates formally upped to series regular for season 3, following Dascha Polenko (Daya), Samira Wiley (Poussey), Selenis Leyva (Gloria), Nick Sandow (Joe Caputo) and Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy). Laura Prepon too will return full-time, despite her somewhat handicapped presence in the second season, appearing in every season 3 episode.

No doubt Netflix will remain pretty cagey (see what we did there?) with season 3 details until 2015, but in the meantime, what say you? Are you glad to have Lori Petty back for 'Orange is the New Black' season 3?

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