A few weeks back, bizarre news that Netflix’s Fuller House had viewership on par with The Walking Dead caught us by surprise, and it seems the Tanners may be unstoppable on the streaming service. That strange cell phone app analyzing viewership data by audio reveals Orange Is the New Black Season 4 came close, but Fuller House remains Netflix’s crown jewel.

Take this with a grain of salt, as Netflix boss Ted Sarandos previously called Symphony Advanced Media’s measurements “really remarkably inaccurate data,” but The Wrap reveals that the app recorded 7.179 million adults tuning into Orange Is the New Black Season 4 in its 72-hour opening weekend.

Ordinarily, that would offer an impressive victory for both Netflix and Orange Is the New Black, though Fuller House reigns supreme at 8.793 million streams for 18+ in own first 72 hours. Orange still beat out Daredevil Season 2, House of Cards Season 4 and Jessica Jones, though it’s worth noting that Fuller House has both a broader appeal among age groups, and more manageable 30-minute runtimes.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, the Symphony software purports to chart Netflix usage through audio data picked up by phones.

Of course, Netflix remains heavily invested in both series, between a Season 2 renewal for Fuller House, not to mention a three-season renewal for Orange Is the New Black beyond Season 4. You can stream the latter in its entirety, as of last Friday, but will any Netflix series best Fuller House?

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