Got room for one more 'Pacific Rim' trailer? Good, because this is one of the best yet put out by Warner Bros.; a tease titled "Resistance." Are you ready to help cancel the apocalypse?!

We've certainly been privy to a large number of 'Pacific Rim' trailers, clips, featurettesTV spots and the like these last few weeks, as the studio revs up its marketing campaign and we count down to the summer's gamble. The $190 million film opens in just four days, so we'll soon find out just how big the demand is for an epic robot-vs-monster epic. You'd think it would be pretty high, but it has recently become clear that there is concern over the film's mediocre tracking numbers. However, for those of us who are beyond excited for the Guillermo del Toro movie, four days seems oh so far away.

The latest 'Pacific Rim' trailer breaks down the story for the uninitiated, underlining the film's key plot points: aliens come from another dimension and wreak havoc across the globe;  towering, complicated machines known as Jaegers, which are controlled by the melded-minds of two pilots, are built to combat the invaders. Consider this preview something of an "all you need to know" refresher course.

There is so much eye candy packing the screen that it's almost too much to fully compute, so watch and enjoy. 'Pacific Rim' opens on Jul. 12.