Have you, like us, been counting down the days and minutes until you can catch a glimpse at Guillermo del Toro's monsters-versus-robots epic 'Pacific Rim'? Today brings you the news that you don't have to do the counting down on your own - the film's official site can do it for you, and we've found out just when we'll be seeing some footage from this most anticipated film.

The viral campaign for the Warner Bros. release has begun with the opening of the site, as well as a few minor goodies that will help immerse you into the surreal world of the blockbuster. Check 'em all out after the break.

Head over to PanPacificDefense.com and you'll see a map and a countdown clock, which indicates that we've got 14 days until... well, it doesn't say officially, but we'd like to think that a trailer will be waiting for us when the clock hits zero. (Those of us who were at Comic-Con this past summer know that there is much to get excited about if the new preview is anything like the one shown there.)

In addition, we have a video that acts as a test of the Kaiju emergency alert system (for the uninitiated, "kaiju" is another word for "giant freakin' monster"), as well as a letter from The Great Britain Air Command to one Col. Takada of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps offering support against the kaiju menace in the form of five pilots to help helm Jaegers, the massive robots used to fight off the "trespassers." Look at both viral items below.

Only 14 more days, folks, 14 more days. After that, we'll have to deal with the fact that 'Pacific Rim' doesn't open until July 12th!

Warner Bros.