Forget "Obamacare."  It's not his controversial healthcare agenda but Barack Obama's support of the 'Entourage' movie that Americans will associate the 44th President of the United States with. According to the (too?) long-running HBO series, Adrian Grenier, the Prez has agreed to appear in the upcoming film.

Grenier told fans via Facebook "I promised to make the 'Entourage' movie if (Obama) would do a cameo. He agreed. Seriously."

An admitted fan of the eight-season long HBO hit, Obama offering to appear in the film might just be what it takes to finally make the project happen. Talk of an 'Entourage' film predates the show's September 2011 series finale but an official announcement has yet to be made.

"It better happen" executive producer, Mark Wahlberg told People Magazine, last September. "We're working on (a movie) as we speak," he went on to add.

Now that Obama's called the boys' bluff, it looks like we're getting an 'Entourage' movie, like it or not.