Yesterday brought the news that we may be seeing more 'Punisher' films in the near future, despite the fact that three attempts have been made to bring the character to the big screen with "mixed" results (at best). So are you stoked to see Frank Castle return?

'The Punisher' was first embodied by Dolph Lundgren in 1989, then by Thomas Jane in 2004, and finally by Ray Stevenson in 2008's 'Punisher: War Zone.' It could be argued that this last attempt, by director Lexi Alexander, was the closest to the comic book origins of the character, but the film was still a massive flop, only making $10 million worldwide. The previous two did not fare much better; it seems as though the general public just isn't down with Frank Castle's vigilante justice.

But Marvel is likely to give it another shot; nothing has been officially announced yet, but it could be only a matter of time before a writer is hired to bring the Punisher out of retirement. So are you excited at the prospect of yet another 'Punisher' film? Vote in our poll and comment below!