We’re still not entirely clear on how The Punisher managed to start filming without any real casting announcements, or where Marvel’s gun-toting antihero might fit in The Defenders, but a bit of crossover is to be expected. Just as Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle emerged from Daredevil, the spinoff series returns the favor in a new set photo appearance.

You’re warned of potential Punisher spoilers from here on out, but it appears as if Castle’s unlikely friendship with Karen Page will continue through his spinoff. The latest look at a bearded Bernthal filming also puts Deborah Ann Woll in the picture, perhaps offering some reluctant aid:

So far of Netflix’s Punisher spinoff, we know Ben Barnes has been cast in a regular role said to be that of Bobby Saint, while casting was previously underway for the “Micro” role teased in Daredevil Season 2. It remains unclear if Marvel intends to premiere The Punisher in 2017 or 2018, judging by the usual two-per-year model.

Bernthal’s appearance at New York Comic-Con was what tipped off a “Netflix production schedule” in the first place, but will Marvel come forth with additional spinoff details soon?

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