Is it too early to talk about 2018 movies? No, right? 2018 is closer every day. So let’s talk about Ready Player One.

The film, adapted from the blockbuster novel by Ernest Cline, hits theaters next year. And it’s also one of two movies Steven Spielberg has coming out in the next calendar year. (He’s also got The Papers, a historical drama about the Pentagon Papers, coming at the end of 2017.) The combination of the premise (about a virtual reality world in a dystopian future) and the creator makes it easily one of our most anticipate movies of 2018.

And now we’ve got our first official look at it, via Entertainment Weekly.

That’s Tye Sheridan playing Wade Watts, in his VR gear used to access the “OASIS,” the VR game. Here’s more of the plot, via EW:

There’s extreme wealth in the world, but most people don’t have it. The only escape from this miserable existence is through the virtual reality simulation created by James Halliday (Oscar-winner Mark Rylance), who has recently shuffled off this mortal coil – but left behind a final game for his millions of users: Whoever solves his series of pop-culture quests wins the OASIS, along with its parent company, Gregarious Games.

So it’s part Tron, part Willy Wonka and part tons of references to other movies that aren’t Tron or Willy Wonka. EW also has an extensive guide to the many Easter eggs in this photo (like the Masters of the Universe lunchbox that’s hidden inside Wade’s hideout) so be sure to check that out as well. Ready Player One opens on March 18.

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