Steven Spielberg is currently in production on his adaptation of Ready Player One, which stars Tye Sheridan and Spielberg-BFF Mark Rylance. Based on Ernest Cline’s dystopian novel, the film takes place in 2044, and tells of an energy crisis that has forced most people to turn to OASIS, a VR game complete with chunky goggles, as a form of escape from their harsh reality. That harsh reality is on display in a new batch of photos from the film’s London set.

Wade Watts (Sheridan) lives in a slum with his aunt and goes to VR school within OASIS, but doesn’t have the funds or points to travel elsewhere. He hunts down ’80s and ’90s film and TV references to help him find an easter egg that the creator of OASIS placed somewhere in the VR world right before he died. As it turns out, Wade is really good at navigating OASIS — so good, in fact, that he becomes a bit of a celebrity.

Meanwhile, Nolan Sorrento, played by Ben Mendelsohn, works for a company called IOI that wants control of OASIS, and is trying to recruit more followers.

The film will also star Olivia Cooke as Art3mis, one of Wade’s friends in OASIS, Simon Pegg as Ogden Morrow, T.J. Miller as iR0k, Win Morisaki as Daito, Philip Zhao as Shoto, and Mark Rylance as James Halliday, the creator of OASIS.

Ain’t It Cool News ran these new set photos, which they received from their readers. You can see an example of a virtual headset that people purchase to access OASIS:

And the following photos are courtesy of ScreenRant, and feature pop culture references to Thundercats and Jaws:

With the film shooting in London out in the open like this, we’re bound to see more from the set, and maybe even bits of the OASIS itself.

Ready Player One hits theaters March 30, 2018.