Robert Pattinson has revealed one of the unconventional ways he got himself into character as Bruce Wayne for Matt Reeves’ The Batman — reading posts written by fans online in public forums. The actor admitted to anonymously lurking through fans’ comments, sometimes going so far as to write his own responses.

“It’s actually very... I’m just reading these again and it’s extremely helpful to have these fan theories. I used to look at a lot of the forum stuff and it actually really did inform my character a lot. Still look at it nowadays... I generally lurk,” Pattinson told Vanity Fair. “Sometimes I just get pushed a little far and I have to respond something. So, when sometimes you just see a quite abstract message going like, Just please, just leave me alone,’ that's me [laughs]. Stop picking faults. I'm doing my best.’ [laughs].”

The Batman takes place two years into Bruce Wayne's transition from daytime billionaire into nighttime vigilante. Pattinson has been very vocal about wanting to give his interpretation of the character a unique spin, and it sounds like he's put in a great deal of work to access Bruce Wayne’s psyche. And while his first attempt at a Batman voice didn’t fit the bill, he eventually fell into his groove and delivered a dark performance that critics have responded positively towards.

Pattinson isn’t the only actor to go the extra mile to fully embody his Batman character. Colin Farrell admitted to going to Starbucks dressed in full Penguin prosthetics to see how the public would react.

You can catch The Batman when it lands in theaters Friday, March 4.

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