We’ve been hearing rumors about a new Blade movie (or possibly a TV series) for some time now. Marvel Studios now holds the rights to the character, so it’s really up to them to figure out if — and how — they want to bring him back. Wesley Snipes himself recently revealed that he’s met with the studio, but things are “still up in the air.” Maybe they aren’t as up in the air as Snipes said.

Back in July, Marvel Comics announced plans for a series based on Fallon Grey, the daughter of Eric Brooks / Blade. The first issue was set to hit stands in October, but it’s now been delayed. According to Bleeding Cool, this is because Marvel wants to ensure they really get the character right — because they want to put her on the big screen.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see Snipes reprise the half-human, half-vampire vigilante eventually. He could still appear in a Fallon Grey film, but as more of a secondary character. Blade creator Tim Seeley has described Fallon Grey as such:

She’s a sort of ‘anti-Peter Parker.’ She’s popular, she’s well-liked and it seems like the world is her oyster. But, the expectations that come with being so damn perfect are starting to break her down, and that’s before she learns she’s the heir to a Daywalking-Monster-Stabbing-Empire.

This is far from official and nowhere near confirmed, and much depends on how well the Fallon Grey Blade comics perform. And given the recent, very lame reaction to an all-woman Ghostbusters movie, there may be a contingency of fan boys who aren’t so pleased with a new Blade movie centering on a woman instead of the classic Snipes version.

But the idea sounds very cool, and would allow Marvel to mesh Snipes with a young woman in the leading role, providing some much-needed diversity in the MCU.

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