It was late last week that word broke of Shameless star Emmy Rossum calling for higher pay than that of co-star William H. Macy, potentially holding up an eighth season renewal. Now, Macy himself weighs in on the conflict, claiming it’s “about f—ing time” Rossum’s salary matched his own, even if he is better looking.

Where previously The Hollywood Reporter documented that Shameless lead Rossum sought above-equal pay to differentiate years of supporting co-star Macy making more than her, new reports update that producers have at least offered a salary to match Macy’s renegotiated Season 8 deal. TMZ caught up with Macy for his thoughts, first resulting in a minor history lesson on amendments for equal pay, before Macy more clearly expressed his support … well, sort of:

She works as hard as I do. She deserves everything … The only thing I’ve got over Emmy Rossum is I’m better-looking.

Macy’s prospective Season 8 deal supposedly “puts his salary in the upper echelon of cable dramas,”, while the Emmy and Oscar-nominated actor has always made more than his Shameless co-stars, even with an occasionally diminished role. Showtime may also opt to cancel the series, or move forward on Season 8 without Rossum’s Fiona, similar to how the original U.K. Shameless spent nine of its eleven seasons without Fiona as a regular character.

We’ll likely hear more official word from Showtime in the coming weeks, but is there a chance Shameless Season 7 will prove either actor’s final year?

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